'A new kind of Dynamics Processor'

Krossbow is the dynamics processor you've been waiting for. Set your Maximum Reduction and watch as your sound is getting ducked towards it, preserving the natural dynamics while boosting impact.

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Krossbow Introduction

APM Live

'The Universal Automatic Pitch Mod Wheel'

At its core, 'APM Live' is a Universal Mod Wheel using a polished Time-Stretching Algorithm for modulating pitch in Realtime. Sit back and watch as APM Live analyzes your sound, automatically moving the Mod Wheel for you.

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APM Live Teaser


'The Ultimate Octaver'

Meet Octapus, it makes your sounds more unique and huge. It has easy sliders for introducing the time-stretched versions of the source, up and down an octave, plus built-in High/Low pass filters, Special-Detune and Spread for that big sound.

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Octapus Video


'Unleash the Musical Potential of Resonances'

Resonote, at its core, is a Note-based Resonator and tuned Soft-Distortion plugin in one. It gives the opportunity to make every sound fit into your melody or chord structure, giving body and character that perfectly suits your music's vibe.

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Resonote Video


'Automatic Reverb Automation'

Are you tired of spending endless hours fine-tuning your reverb automation to achieve that perfect balance in your audio productions? Look no further than our new plugin "Reeferb", the game-changing audio plugin that simplifies the complex art of reverb automation with unparalleled precision.

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Reeferb Video

Pusher Bundle

'A New Way Of Sculpting Your Stereo Field'

A game-changing collection of two meticulously crafted audio tools: "Mono Pusher" and "Stereo Pusher" Unleash your creativity and sculpt your audio's stereo field like never before, transforming ordinary sounds into extraordinary sonic experiences.

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Pusher Bundle Video

Retain Punch

At CARP Audio, we understand that maintaining the punch and energy of your sound is essential. Our plugins employ algorithms that intelligently and dynamically dose the processing, ensuring that the core transients and dynamics remain intact.

So by carefully analyzing the audio signal, our plugin identifies and safeguards the crucial punch elements that give your sound its character. This means you can process your audio without sacrificing its inherent impact. To an extend ofcourse, you can always overdo it.

Peak Data Modulation

Amplitude modulation involves altering the volume (amplitude) of a signal over time. In our Pusher Plugins, we take this concept further by modulating the amplitude of the mid or side channel using peak data extracted from the stereo channels. In “Stereo Pusher” for example, we use this technique to make use of already existing stereo data to modulate te Mid information to create even more space. It combines the two distinct worlds of Mid/Side and Stereo/Mono and opens doors to new dimensions of audio creativity.

Push Delay

Unlike conventional stereo enhancers that delay the entire audio signal of a channel, our approach is revolutionary. Within "Stereo Pusher" you can use our 'Push Delay' feature which delays the amplitude modulation of the selected L/R channel coming out of the mid encoder, not the audio samples themselves. This distinction not only sounds magical, it also ensures that your audio remains phase-coherent when played back in mono, sidestepping the phasing problems commonly associated with stereo enhancing. Our sidechain reverb tool "Reeferb" also features this knob which delays the pushing from 'Dry' to 'Wet' (Reverb) on one side creating stereoized handling.


Our plugins are equipped with a wide range of different oversampling filters to fit your sound and cpu usage. Anti aliasing plays a huge role in getting the best out of the peak detection system. It guarrantees precise behaviour and a crystal clear sound.

Whether you're crafting music, sculpting soundscapes, or fine-tuning audio for any purpose, our plugin's sophisticated anti-aliasing capabilities ensure your sonic creations maintain their authenticity and excellence.

CPU Friendly

Our plugins are your CPU's best mates. Efficiency meets excellence with our plugins. Our technology not only ensures that your creative workflow remains fast, but also smooth and uninterrupted. Even our graphics are optimized for minimal GPU calculations, freeing up your system resources for what truly matters – Experience peak performance without compromise.