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If a Compressor and a Transient Shaper gave birth.

Made to fix the issue of people choosing a Compressor or Transient Shaper to enhance Dynamical Impact, while it not being the perfect candidate for it. There were no other alternatives until Krossbow; A new kind of Dynamics Processor using our new special technique. Sculpt and Enhance the Attack, Punch and Impact of your Audio without leaving unwanted artifacts, flattened dynamics and distortion behind. Emphasize the Impactful parts of your Audio while leaving the Natural dynamics intact.

Krossbow looks like a Compressor but is totally different, it doesn't feature a Threshold or Ratio setting. It dynamically ducks the gain towards the desired 'Maximum Reduction' based on the incoming signal. Once the maximum reduction is achieved, no further reduction occurs until the incoming signal can make an impact again, leaving the rest of your sound dynamically untouched.

Compressors persist in their compression even after the desired impact enhancement has been achieved, which is not desired in many cases. That's why Krossbow was Invented. So you don't mess up unnecessary aspects of your Dynamics, trying to gain some Punch.


  • Enhancing the Dynamical Impact of Kicks, Bass, Synths, Drums and other Instruments
  • Give more punch/impact to your sounds
  • Glue Instruments/Synths together with the Drums
  • Recover Dynamic Depth of Heavily Processed/Flattened Elements
  • Better Dynamics for cleaner Post Processing like Distortion/Clipping
  • Leveling Vocals
  • Many more to explore!


  • Reduction Amount
  • MAX Reduction
  • Attack
  • Release
  • External Sidechain Mode
  • 2 Needle Response Modes
  • 2x to 32x Oversampling
  • 8 Oversampling filter types
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