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Parallel Character Bundle

Parallel Character Bundle

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Introducing the Parallel Character Bundle: Resonote and Octapus!

This bundle contains Resonote and Octapus, two plugins designed to add depth, tonal character, and uniqueness to your audio creations.

Let's start with Resonote. Think of it as your note-specific resonance sculptor and soft-distortion wizard rolled into one. With Resonote, every sound source in your mix can become a harmonious participant in your melody or chord progression. Stop randomly experimenting with distortion tools - Resonote lets you precisely shape your elements, giving them the character they need to blend seamlessly with the rest of your track.

Now, onto Octapus  - the ultimate octaver for creating massive sounds. With just a couple of sliders, you can introduce pitched versions of your audio, up and down an octave. But Octapus doesn't stop there. It takes things to the next level with its Detune and Spread functions. Detune subtly adjusts the pitch of each ear's channels, crafting a colossal, room-filling sound that's both balanced and dynamic. And with the Spread function, you can expand your stereo field into a massive sonic landscape, enveloping your listeners in a breathtaking audio experience.

Both plugins feature Audition Mode with the headphone knob. This nifty feature allows you to quickly switch to a 100% mix, giving you a fast preview of the effect that will be added in parallel. It's like having a sneak peek into the magic you're about to unleash on your sound.


  • Parallel Time-Stretching (-1 and +1 octave)
  • High/Low Pass Filter per channel
  • Audition Mode
  • Detune (Unique Algorithm)
  • Spread (Stereo Enhancing)
  • Polished Top-Notch Time-Stretching Algorithms
  • Note-specific Soft Distortion
  • Note-specific Resonance Generating
  • 9 Resonance Channels (9 note octaves)
  • Resonance Tamer (Reduces generated resonances without touching the harmonic overtones created by them)
  • Audition Mode
  • Channel Mute/Solo buttons
  • 2x to 32x Oversampling
  • 8 Oversampling filter types
  • Different Isolation modes
  • Built-In Resonance Ringing Compensation


  • Vocals
  • Synth Leads
  • Single-Note instruments
  • Making your hi-hats, toms, snares and other percussion blend into your song's melodic structure by giving them note based saturation.
  • Adding melodic ambience to any non-musical sound without pitching.
  • Adding melodic character to any oneshot or loop to seamlesly blend it into your track's melodic structure.
  • Giving every sound a change to participate in your song's melody/chordprogression.

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