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The ultimate Octaver that makes your sounds Massive!

Meet Octapus from CARP Audio, your shortcut to creating massive sounds. With two sliders, you can introduce pitched versions of your audio, up or down an octave. Under each channel is a High/Low Pass knob to shape the Pitched version. But the real unique character lies in the Detune and Spread functions. Detune de-tunes each ear's pitched channels in a balanced way, differently on both octaves, crafting a colossal, room-filling sound. Meanwhile, The Spread function spreads them even further across your Stereo Field, expanding it into a massive sonic landscape. The Audition Mode allows you to hear precisely what you're adding to your sound before committing. It's a preview button for the thing you're going to add to your sound.


  • Parallel Time-Stretching (-1 and +1 octave)
  • High/Low Pass Filter per channel
  • Audition Mode
  • Detune (Unique Algorithm)
  • Spread (Stereo Enhancing)
  • Polished Top-Notch Time-Stretching Algorithms


  • Vocals
  • Synth Leads
  • Single-Note instruments
  • Experiment with it on any source! (That's the fun part)
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