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Stereo Pusher

Stereo Pusher

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Dynamic Stereo Field?

Stereo Pusher dynamically ducks the mid channel separate from the side channel, dynamically altering your stereo-field. i can be used for all sorts of stuff. Transient Designing, De-Essing, Vocal Compression, Stereo Enhancing. But it uses this core technique to dynamically shape your stereo field with it.

By skillfully manipulating the mid channel using peak data from the stereo channels, Stereo Pusher creates an immersive stereo environment that's truly captivating. And that's not all, the innovative "Push Delay" feature is our new stereo enhancing technique that ensures no phase issues, granting you a clear and pristine result even in mono playback.

Whether you're aiming to widen your mix, add depth to your soundscapes, shape your transients, or breathe life into your tracks, Stereo Pusher empowers you to achieve all of this and more.

How to use Stereo Pusher?

Use the Attack and Recover knobs to change how the peak detection system reacts to the incoming peaks.

Use the 'Pushing Ammount' Knob in the center to change how much the plugin ducks the Mid Channel.

Discover the magical "Push Delay" feature that uses a clever solution to avoid the phase issues that traditional stereo enhancers can sometimes introduce. By delaying the peak handling instead of the audio samples themselves, you maintain wave alignment between the left and right channels, which should help prevent phase cancellation problems when the audio is played back in mono.

At the bottom you can change the ‘Peak Handling’ mode from Stereo to Mono. This will change the way the plugin works with your source. Mono uses the sum of Left and Right and will be sent to the detection system. This results in the Punch staying in the center of your stereo field. Stereo mode divides the detection system and handling into 2 separate instances and works with the Left and Right channels separately.

With the BandPass filter you can alter the signal Stereo Pusher uses to detect the peaks. It adds a level of customization to how the peak detection system responds to different aspects of the audio signal. This could give producers and audio engineers the flexibility to shape the character of the stereo field according to their preferences.

How does it work?

For this plugin we created a special technique that combines 2 worlds (stereo/mono) with (mid/side). It uses dynamic information from the stereo channels to modulate the mid channel while retaining the side channel. This creates movement in the stereofield controlled by the peakinformation of the original stereo channels, thus retaining the punch of the original input in a magical way.

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Retain Punch

At CARP Audio, we understand that maintaining the punch and energy of your sound is essential. Our plugins employ algorithms that intelligently and dynamically dose the processing, ensuring that the core transients and dynamics remain intact.

So by carefully analyzing the audio signal, our plugin identifies and safeguards the crucial punch elements that give your sound its character. This means you can process your audio without sacrificing its inherent impact. To an extend ofcourse, you can always overdo it.

Peak Data Modulation

Amplitude modulation involves altering the volume (amplitude) of a signal over time. In our Pusher Plugins, we take this concept further by modulating the amplitude of the mid or side channel using peak data extracted from the stereo channels. In “Stereo Pusher” for example, we use this technique to make use of already existing stereo data to modulate te Mid information to create even more space. It combines the two distinct worlds of Mid/Side and Stereo/Mono and opens doors to new dimensions of audio creativity.

Push Delay

Unlike conventional stereo enhancers that delay the entire audio signal of a channel, our approach is revolutionary. Within "Stereo Pusher" you can use our 'Push Delay' feature which delays the amplitude modulation of the selected L/R channel coming out of the mid encoder, not the audio samples themselves. This distinction not only sounds magical, it also ensures that your audio remains phase-coherent when played back in mono, sidestepping the phasing problems commonly associated with stereo enhancing. Our sidechain reverb tool "Reeferb" also features this knob which delays the pushing from 'Dry' to 'Wet' (Reverb) on one side creating stereoized handling.


Our plugins are equipped with a wide range of different oversampling filters to fit your sound and cpu usage. Anti aliasing plays a huge role in getting the best out of the peak detection system. It guarrantees precise behaviour and a crystal clear sound.

Whether you're crafting music, sculpting soundscapes, or fine-tuning audio for any purpose, our plugin's sophisticated anti-aliasing capabilities ensure your sonic creations maintain their authenticity and excellence.

CPU Friendly

Our plugins are your CPU's best mates. Efficiency meets excellence with our plugins. Our technology not only ensures that your creative workflow remains fast, but also smooth and uninterrupted. Even our graphics are optimized for minimal GPU calculations, freeing up your system resources for what truly matters – Experience peak performance without compromise.