What technique(s) do Mono Pusher and Stereo Pusher use?

What technique(s) do Mono Pusher and Stereo Pusher use?


Demystifying Mid/Side Encoding:

Before we explore this cutting-edge technique, it's important to grasp mid/side encoding. In traditional stereo audio, you have left and right channels. Mid/side encoding, however, transforms this stereo signal into two distinct channels: the mid channel (housing mono content) and the side channel (capturing stereo width information). This separation forms the foundation of spatial audio manipulation.

The Power of Peak Data Modulation:

Amplitude modulation involves altering the volume (amplitude) of a signal over time. In our Pusher Plugins, we take this concept further by modulating the amplitude of the mid and side channels using peak data extracted from the stereo channels.

Stereo Enhancing without the Phasing Issues:

Unlike conventional stereo enhancers that delay the entire audio signal, our approach is revolutionary. Within "Stereo Pusher" you can use our 'Push Delay' feature which delays the amplitude modulation of the selected L/R channel coming out of the mid encoder, not the audio samples themselves. This distinction also ensures that your audio remains phase-coherent when played back in mono, sidestepping any phasing problems.

The Outcome: Dynamic Stereo Field Manipulation

Amplitude modulation of mid/side channels with peak data from the stereo channels opens doors to new dimensions of audio creativity. It's an avant-garde technique that empowers sound professionals and musicians alike. Whether you seek immersive soundscapes or desire to enhance the punch and transients in your sounds, The Pusher Bundle grants you the tools to revive and reimagine your stereo audio experience.
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