Resonote Release

Resonote Release

Unlike traditional tools that aim to eliminate resonances, Resonote encourages users to embrace them as a means to add musicality to their sound.

Start by picking a note that resonates with your track or adds a unique ambient touch. Resonote's nine 'Resonance channels' let you boost/balance 9 octaves of the selected note.

What sets Resonote apart is its ability to filter resonances individually before applying a soft distortion. This approach generates harmonic tones based on only the note-based resonances, adding musical character to your sound. The 'Spice Drive' knob shapes the distortion.

To maintain a balanced sound without compromising creativity, Resonote includes a 'Tame Resonances' feature. It selectively reduces unwanted resonances while preserving the rich, harmonic tones, offering a more polished sound.

Resonote's user-friendly design mirrors a mixing console, introducing features like 'Audition mode' for easy audio monitoring and solo/mute buttons for each channel, streamlining the sound-tweaking process.

Ensuring high-quality sound during distortion, Resonote provides oversampling 2x to 32x and eight different filter types, ensuring your audio maintains its integrity.

Resonote isn't just a plugin; it's a tool that unlocks a fresh perspective on sound manipulation. By harnessing resonances creatively, it empowers creators to explore new sonic landscapes, pushing the boundaries of music production.

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