The Modwheel

The Modwheel

A potent feature that has transformed artistic expression and sound manipulation, sits at the side of almost every synthesizer. With a simple flick of the wrist, this modest wheel, which is frequently tucked away next to knobs and keys, can unlock a universe of audio manipulating possibilities and turn everyday tones into amazing compositions. With the recent release of APM Live its now possible to use pitch Modulation on any source in realtime while controlling it's Mod Wheel all by itself.


The Modwheel: An Adaptable Source of Modulation

As a flexible modulation source, the Modwheel enables synthesists to instantly and dynamically adjust a range of sound synthesis parameters. Its capabilities go well beyond simple pitch modulation, enabling users to adjust a diverse range of audio characteristics, such as:

  • Pitch Modulation: Perhaps the most recognizable application of the Modwheel, pitch modulation enables users to introduce subtle or dramatic changes in pitch, creating expressive pitch bends, vibrato effects, and dynamic tonal shifts. Check out APM Live

  • Filter Modulation: By mapping the Modwheel to filter cutoff frequency and resonance parameters, synthesists can sculpt the timbre of their sounds with precision, morphing from mellow lows to piercing highs and everything in between.

  • Amplitude Modulation: The Modwheel's influence extends to amplitude modulation, allowing users to shape the volume and intensity of their sounds dynamically, from gentle swells to pulsating rhythms and dramatic crescendos.

  • LFO Rate and Depth Control: Synthesizers often feature dedicated Low-Frequency Oscillators (LFOs) for generating cyclic modulation effects. By assigning the Modwheel to control LFO rate and depth, users can introduce rhythmic pulsations, tremolo effects, and evolving textures to their sounds.


Real-time Pitch Modulation with APM Live

APM Live Thumbnail

Pitch Modulation is commonly known for it's use in a synthesizer using a Modwheel. But this technique 'was' limited to synthesizers until APM Live came around. It uses a Realtime Time Stretching Algorithm to Modulate Pitch in Realtime. Allowing the use in a wide range of applications, such as live guitar pitch modulation , live vocal modulation, Live Instrument modulation, realtime vocal effect, realtime guitar vibrato, realtime vibrato effect etc. 

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